Business Opportunity

Would you like to open your own franchise of one of our successful sales zone?

Small investors have become successful entrepreneurs thanks to franchises. Starting your own business with the backing of a leading brand means you get ongoing support, training, advice and a proven guarantee of success in the market. Discover the advantages of growing your own business with strong customer demand of Target Financial Corp in the market.

Guaranteed Revenue of $20k each month

Smart procedure to establish franchise on digital platform of marketing.

Tools Provided By Us

  • Customized and user friendly website
  • Customer data base management system
  • Training kit includes self learning platform visualization as well as onsite trainer visit.
  • Meeting space in almost 37 states and 145 cities anywhere in USA with no cost.

Easy criteria to go

  • No Experience required in the industry.
  • Basic requirement of amenities and tools to start.
  • Free Training and Support provided to Business Owner and Staff.
  • Self paid system from revenue.
  • No dependency on company for commercials.
  • Less Manpower required.
  • A wide range of services and products to sell.
  • 200 is the average customer visit each day.
  • 50% is average conversion of total customer visits.
  • Well established support of digital marketing to increase customer visits and publicity in the area.
  • A research and development team to continuously upgrade the business plan and market range.

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